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Letter from Nate + new fun song

Glad tidings!

I know, I’s been a long time...and I apologize...but I’m here to bring good news...if you so choose to make it good news...and you should....

as I hope you know, The Format is no longer...sad? sure....but "with every door that closes...."


I’m writing this exclusively to all the Living Room and mailing list members because without you guys The Format would have never been as wonderful a ride as it was, and I’m hoping that you guys can move forward with me as i venture into the new project that Andrew, Jack, and I have been working so hard on for the last year....if this means that I have to do another "Dear Nate" section...then so be it...

Honestly though, (I’m honest about the "Dear Nate" section...if I must,) I absolutely cannnnnot wait for you guys to hear the fun record...I’ve never been happier with anything I’ve ever done. I should took months living in Los Angeles to make the damn thing. I’m not a betting man...but if I had to assume that you were a fan of The Format...then I will bet that you will def. love this record...

Same producer as Dog Problems - check.
Same arranger as Dog Problems - check.
The brilliant mind of Andrew Dost - check.
Jack Antonoff on the electric guitar - oh fo sho.

And lil old Me.

Anyway...the record is done...the artwork is done...the only thing left is to go on tour for the next 2 years...’s like 3 weeks!!!!

Come see us play with a full band live in your city with the very very wonderful Manchester’s there that we will personally show you what we’re all about. I’ve been waiting for the chance to play live again for almost 2 years. In the process maybe we’ll play a couple of other songs you might have heard from years past.

If you don’t know the tour dates... here they are.

Wait...what’s that? You want to be able to sing along but not just to the benson hedges demo? for now (until the summer when the album comes out) we are going to be giving away a song from the album for

The song is called "At Least I’m Not As Sad (As I Used To Be)" and it pretty much sums up a lot. It’s yours if you sign up for our new fun mailing list.(And, yes, those are real steel drums.) I’m assuming if you’ve read this far...that I can count on you to be singing it as loud as possible by the time we get to your city.

So yeah...for now that’s about album...come see us on tour...but lastly I really honestly want to thank you guys so much for the support that you’ve given The Format over the kept us going as long as we could possibly go...and I would really love it if I was fortunate enough to have every one of you continue along with me because that would make my life...and as long as you make my life...I will keep on doing this thing.

This is the last time I’m going to spam The Format people (sign up for fun)so if you’re just too busy holding onto the past then i will say "goodbye"...

Until the album comes out...cause then I dare you not to come back.

Nate (and all my homies and homettes in fun.)

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So I'm a broke college student...and I wanted to see Manchester Orchestra in Pontiac, MI on May 5th but I thought I probably shouldn't because I should choose to use this money on bills/food/toilet paper...but when I saw that Fun would also be there, I immediately bought a ticket. I love your new songs and you guys are amazing, so I choose not to pay bills/eat/you know... :)

PS: New "Dear Nate" would be great, as much as you'd probably hate it (but secretly love it!)
how exciting!!
i'm diggin' the new song!
The new song is amazing!
I'll be there. Thanks Nate.
Dont get me wrong, cause "Fun" is promising Im really excited about both yours and sam's projects. But if there was one thing I had to pick of which I loved most about the format would be the lyrics. They're amzaingly deep and visually. Seven Digit Pin Code is my fav. example of that. But The Format for me so far is timeless I feel I'll be listening to it 10 yrs from now and I know that because I constantly have to put your cds on a high shelf so I can listen to other stuff. Okkervil River is amazing too by the way. Anyway I mean no dis-respect I see no problem with holding on to the past while keeping your eyes ahead.
Florida is your last stop...I guess you're saving the best for last! I'll be there!! =)
wow. im ashamed to say i actually didnt know the format had broken up... i read this post yesterday and i was so surprised, and if i'm honest, pretty sad. The format is and was one of my favorite bands, songs like on your porch and at the wake helped me feel better during tough times while songs like tune out and im ready helped me celebrate some good times. i can mesure my life in format shows, in singing along to the songs that i love. i'm excited for this new band and you know i will be there routing for you! i wish you the best to be sure, but i cant deny i'm gonna hold on to the past just a lil bit. the format will always hold a place in my heart, but i guess i can make a little room for the fun too. r.i.p. format, ill keep you alive in my stereo.


April 10 2009, 03:34:47 UTC 9 years ago

You should come to Chico, California. It's made up of nice hippies (mostly) and they have fun parties. And Chico has me and others who are really want to be graced with your beautiful music.
No Toronto date? That's so sad!
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