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Below you will find the track listing for the Rarities and B-Sides CD. It will be available digitally on 11/20 for only $7.99! Beginning on 11/19, a one-time 1000 piece run of the CDs with very special packaging will be available for free on orders over $30 on Also, don't forget, "The Format, Live At The Mayan Theater" is now up for pre-order on, and in stores 11/13!

1. You're Not A Whore (By The Real Partners)
2. For You
3. Faith In Fast Cars
4. Seven Digit Pin Code (Demo)
5. A Good Time At Your Your Expense (Demo)
6. Threes (Demo)
7. Do You Believe In Magic?
8. Dear Boy (Demo)
9. Dead End (Demo)
10. Time Bomb (Demo)
11. If Work Permits (Demo)
12. Matches (Acoustic)
13. I'm Actual (Demo)
14. The Lottery Song
15. Glutton Of Sympathy
16. 1,000 Umbrellas
17. Apeman
18. Does Your Cat Have A Mustache?
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awww I really wanted Caravan!

also: i saw some p.s. vinyl coming soon on all of your albums on the merch site, any say as to how long from now soon is?
this is exciting! i have made a huge effort to obtain every demo and rare song from the band (only studio songs, not live songs).

dude, Threes! woohoo! The live copy i had from a modified performance wasn't the best quality recording, but had so much feeling still. Thanks x1000!
pretty rippin psyched! i'm still waiting for your australian visit.

i need to ask: is it about the music with you?
if it wasn't i'd assume they'd still be on atlantic..