theformat (theformat) wrote,

"The Format, Live At The Mayan Theatre" - DVD Trailer!

We've just posted a trailer for the live DVD you can see it on youtube, myspace or you can download a better quality of the trailer here:

For those of you who like to get a jump on things, you can pre-order your very own copy at where you'll receive a free autographed poster from the show. The Format, Live At The Mayan Theatre will be released on November 13th.
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out of curiosity - those of us who pre ordered the dvd at the show - will we be receiving an autographed poster as well??? cause that would be super rad!
anyone, no matter where they purchased it, who preorders will get a poster!!!
yay! thanks! it was such a great show.
Think that if I put in a request they will send me and my sister two? We only ordered one, but I want a poster

I guess I could just order my own copy since we don't live together anymore