theformat (theformat) wrote,

Dog Problems VINYL, DVD pre-order & TOUR

Hey Everyone!  Some News from Camp Format:

1) Tickets are going fast for the remaining shows...some have sold out already.   Click here for tickets!  We don’t want anyone to get hosed.

2) Dog Problems vinyl is now available on the merch store (!

3) You can pre-order the live DVD at shows or on the merch store (  Loads more information is coming soon about the release, which is set for October 30th.

We hope your summer is going well!

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I got my ticket for Jersey I'm so excitedddddd :)
Will we be able to buy the vinyl at the upcoming shows?
it should be
how many copies were pressed? i'm guessing something like 1,000 since it is only on black..
i've seen you guys in new orleans both times that you've been there, and you were amazing...this time was even better than the first time! the dog problems CD is amazing, but i'm pretty sure that you were even better live than on the disc...and that's a big deal. congrats, i'm so glad that things are going so well for y'all!