theformat (theformat) wrote,



haven't talked in fact, it’s been so long since i've typed that
i actually forgot where the comma key was...i kept hitting shift and all
these other buttons...thus my first minutes of typing went like this...

"no that's not right"




"ok maybe i should look at the keyboard"

and now i’ve wasted 30 seconds of your still owe me thirty...ah
forget it...i won’t hold you to it...i’m just happy to have a few days at
home to do nothing (that’s not true...i’ve gotta go to LA tomorrow nite and
finish up a kids song) was pretty nonstop after the guster
tour...we went to spain...rehearsed a lot for the dvd...played the dvd
show...and then sam and i had to go straight to hawaii for my sisters it’s all over and i have a few weeks off to brush up my
tennis skills (my basketball obsession is a thing of the past) before we
head out for the most exciting tour of our (what is starting to feel like
a very long) careers.


ok lemme fill you in on the important parts of that last paragraph (aside
from sisters wedding...when sam threw our car rental keys in the ocean)


we stressed out a whole lot...and for nothing...everything turned out
fantastic...thanks to everyone at the mayan theatre in LA, thanks to the
wonderful director Sam Erickson and his wonderful crew, thanks to mooka
kinney ( for personally designing our amazing suits,
thanks to all of the guests (whom i will not name right now in hopes that
it might surprise someone when they buy the dvd), thanks to all of our
friends and family for supporting us on such a special night, and most
importantly thanks to the people who paid to see us freaking out and being
more nervous than we have ever been really was my favorite
show that we have ever played and it couldn’t have been possible without
such a fun and patient we just have to let the director put
it all together and it will be out in no time.


psyche!!!! tricked you...we aren’t going to make you pay for dog honor of the 1 year anniversary we are going to be giving
away dog problems for free for the next couple of weeks...i know you’re
wondering why we would do such a thing...and it’s actually pretty
simple...we aren’t owned by a giant corporation so we can do whatever the
fuck we want....sure we are standing to lose a little bit of money...but i
get to make music for a living...if you haven’t had the opportunity to get
the record yet because you’ve been too busy trying to pay rent and working
a REAL job....than click there and go download it for free...we want you
to have it...and at least you’re not stealing’s free...give it a
try...then put off rent to go see us playing at a city near you...which is
exactly what we are doing this summer...


this is it america, the last chance to check us out before we all grow
beards and go into "new album mode"...we're pretty much going everywhere
(don't get pissy just because we aren’t coming to your certain town in
iowa...thank god or whoever that we are even coming to iowa) and it’s going
to be with a whole bunch of bands that we love and hope you love too (we
don’t have to bring any bands out as favors or support any bands we've
never heard)...the only way i could possibly go on tour for almost 3
months is if it was worth it..and this tour is going to be so great that i
wish it could go all get tickets now while you still have the
chance (or get them next week or the week after while you still have the
chance...but hopefully there will be no chances to get tickets after
that...being that we are giving our record away for free, i have to find
new ways to get money and pay for tennis lessons)

4. I THINK THAT’S IT! for now

see you this summer...thanks for everything.


nate & the format

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Good luck with those tennis lessons, sir.

Thanks for the free music!
Hurrah! I'm getting tickets :) I've never been to the orpheum theatre.
Awesome, awesome, awesome. Can't wait for the DVD & to see you in August!
I'm not getting the free music.
The pages aren't loading.
I'll try again later.
See you in August.
*oh so excited for the DVD and for August*

You entry amused me endlessly! Good luck with the tennis and have fun on the tour! I'm looking forward to seeing you guys play! <333
I've got my tickets, so see you on the 17th!
Yay! DC!
i just want to thank you for coming to iowa! even though i would make sure to see you guys even if you didn't come to iowa city, it makes things A LOT easier! been everywhere in the midwest to see you for the past two years, and this is a nice welcome! thanks! seriously... THANK YOU!
thanks for the free download of dog problems.
i just lost all of my music because my external hard drive crashed.
at least now i have you guys to listen to.

I'm skipping the first meeting of my night class to go to the Cleveland show. Best decision ever, I think. :] Can't wait to see you guys!
Hey, have fun with the tennis. You picked a good sport (although I'm biased ;) ). And it's not hard to learn.

I saw you guys on tour this year (drove out to the boonies-- erskine) and wanted to say thanks for putting on such a good show. It was so cool!
Hope to see you guys at the Jersey show :)
Then comes some grand announcement of Australian tour. What? No announcement?! Well, make one soon before I despair.

I am in summer school right now studying Gr 12 english as an advance course. One of our assignments is to choose a famous author and do a 2o minute presentation about them and their works. A few students have decided to research old songwriters such as Kurt Cobain, Neil Young etc. After little thought I knew exactly who I wanted to research and of course it was you.

I have been sitting here in class researching away and I am un-able to find suitable information about your biographies and lyrics.

I am moved by your lyrics and if you were able to help me by supplying me with some more information or answers I would greatly appreciate it.

I spoke with my teacher about doing you for my final assignment and she was quite hesitant because several previous assignments on lyrics have lacked substance. I am trying to avoid that and I believe that presenting your lyrics and songs to my class will truly be moving.

If you are able to help me out please let me know ASAP. I need to get going on this assignment, it is to be completed and ready to present by the 23rd of July. If not than I will have to research a book or something. lol

Thanks so much,
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