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[02 Feb 2007|03:45pm]
Hi Everyone,

Right now I'm on an airplane on my way back from a little mini vacation in
New York city...obviously there is a child screaming in my ear next to
me...so I've put my headphones on...cranked the "Wicked" soundtrack...and
I've decided to write you all a letter of appreciation...kinda.

Thanks so much to everyone for the constant support as we keep trying to
make this music thing work...its been so much fun so far...and lately (the
last year) it keeps getting more and more exciting...and without all of
your help I don't think cynical fucks like us would be having as great a
time...a good example of that (aside from the countless concerts) would be
the Carson Daly show...the staff was as nice as anyone we've ever worked
with in a situation like that...and they helped make our first tv
appearance much easier...but we still would have been a deer in headlights
if it wasn't for 90% of the crowd being filled with people who knew the
words and danced along...you guys are the best....so with that being
said...we have a busy year ahead of us...I'll fill you in with as much as I
know right now...

Tonite we are going to be on the Carson Daly show...I don't know how the
times work out...but you can look it up...we had a blast doing the
show...we ended up playing and taping 4 songs (She Doesn't Get It will be
on tonite) and apparently its the most songs they've ever had anyone
record...so hopefully they'll show more of our performance on later
episodes...we also got a gift bag...that was pretty exciting...I stole the
card for a free tattoo (I don't know what I could possibly get) and it just
so happens Carmen Electra makes weight loss pills...i stole a bottle from
our gift bag in hopes that it will one day make me a better basketball
player...or at least 6'6...nonetheless it was exciting for a bunch of
hicks from Arizona (and a useless guitar player from Boston)....after the
taping we stuck around in LA a few extra days and filmed the video for
"She Doesn't Get It"...Sam and i wrote the concept one nite while we were
on that one tour we were on a few months ago....so I cant tell you whether
or not the treatment for the video is any good...but I can tell you that
we think its going to look great...we had a great director...and we had
such a fun time on the set with all the kids (I cant say any more)...it
should be done in the coming weeks..and hopefully be debuting in the next
month...which is when "She Doesn't Get It" will take its behind the back
bank shot at radio as our next single release...should
be...interesting...meanwhile we will be writing music at home and getting
ready to go to Japan for a week at the end of February...we are so excited
to be going to Japan...and at the same time we are sad we aren't going to
make the trip to Australia...I'm really sorry to everyone that was hoping
to see us down under...we just didn't feel it was the right time and we
have a bit of a busy schedule around that time...we are going to be
recording a few new or semi new songs...one which will be for a new kids
comp (as the kid next to me is reading this and eating doritos (thanks
jetblue for subduing children with television and snacks)) I'll let you
know more as I know more...but we're all really excited about writing and
recording...I hope to be doing a lot of that while we're on the Guster
tour this spring...i also hope to be playing a lot of frisbee and just
enjoying the weather this spring (I'm probably just saying this because it
was so cold in New York this week)...so after we regain our mojo on the
Guster tour, we are going to take a few weeks off and then record

I think that's enough for now...in the meantime enjoy yourselves...we will
see you soon.


p.s. sorry Australian supporters...we are really sorry..we are going to
come back during our summer...I swear.
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