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so here we are...back on tour...schey is sleeping above me....marko is
wandering around somewhere on here wearing gray sweatpants...and new
mexico looks a lot like arizona...we are officially out on the road till
xmas and we're all anxiously awaiting the moment we get each other
sick...a lot has been going on lately so i figured id do my best to fill
you in...

first off...thanks to everyone that came to the harry mitchell benefit at
the clubhouse to see us with jimmy eat world, stiletto formal, and monique
reagan...it was a wonderful time and it was for a cause we felt compelled
to be a part of...if you were there and listening you might have noticed
we played a cover of the kinks song "apeman"...be on the lookout for the
song on this next tour with the all american rejects...and keep checkin
back here to see how you might be able to get a recorded version of that.

speaking of playing live...and recordings...THE iTUNES EXCLUSIVE LIVE EP
"AND NOW I HOPE YOURE ALRIGHT" is released today (october 24th)...i think you should tell all of your friends...and we should
collectively try with all of our power to get that thing in the top
100....whatcha think? pass it on....oh and if youre still interested in
hearing even more live songs from the same concerts....look out...cause
we're gonna release a second ep in december through our site.

shall i keep going...alright...well...the record is being released in
japan this week...i couldnt be more excited...its only a matter of time
before we head over there...and australia...where its being released in
november....and spain....where its being released in december...and
hopefully the uk...where we are still figuring out label stuff but hope to
have it ready there by january so we can head over by february...

i need a cigarette just thinking about all the flights we're going to have
to take.

but in the meantime we're here in wonderful new mexico (where i had to
cancel our first show ever last spring due to the joys of traveling with a
bunch of sick dudes)...ihop is about the only thing bumpin right now...so
i think i might head over there and have my 7th cup of coffee today...in
the meantime please come say hello to us on tour....thanks a lot guys.

OH WAIT! theres still more stuff going on...

right now nylon motion (the wonderful people who directed the compromise
video) are getting their hands (hint!) on the new format video...thats
right...we are doing yet another video...this time we dont have to be in
it either!....we will have more info on the "dog problems" video later...we're hearing that it will be done as early as next week.

as for next year...after the 2 live eps...after the apeman cover...after
the dog problems video...after the worldwide releases...after the all
american rejects tour...look for us to do another lonnnnng headlining
jaunt across the US and CANADA in support of what will be the next
single... "she doesnt get it".

ok...im tired of being a giant commercial...im gonna go listen to "tusk"

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