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[02 Oct 2006|01:57pm]
yo yo yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo yo yo,

sadly (for a few of us) we are home from england...lemme tell you...it wasnt what i expected it to be...thats neither a good or bad comment...but its different...contrary to popular belief...the food was great...i might be the first band member to ever gain weight whilst in the uk.

it took us a few days to get used to the crowds...its been a long time since we've had stuff thrown at us...im not sure if thats good or bad...but at least we have enough glowsticks now to throw a rave.

i had absolutely no success finding a proper english wife...i gave up after the first day....but i did fall in love with charlotte church...and british television for that matter...

unfortunately i wont be successful at getting either here in the states so its back to writing music and playing videogames.

you however should come see us opening for the all american rejects this winter...and buy our live itunes ep when it comes out.

and still buy as many dog problems records as you can.

oh and if you saw us in the uk i really hoped you liked it...we really did enjoy ourselves and i for one cant wait to return.

tell charlotte ill be there soon enough.

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