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[20 Sep 2006|04:34pm]
"come on can you count all the notches in your belt?" id rather not. lets just say im starving myself."


the two weeks home came and went...not much happened...i played a lot of scrabble and literati...i still cant read or write...i went to los angeles for a couple days to help with the mixes of the new live ep...its going to be an itunes exclusive...so youd better git itunes...its gonna have six or seven songs...a few of them rarities...itll be out in october...and i think it sounds great...we never get the chance to sit back and listen to ourselves and hear the whole thing...it was nice...im really proud of the band because i think they are so great...its easy for me...i just have to sing and make no sense in between...so give a big hug to your nearest format member and tell them they do a great job.

in other news...we are leaving for the uk in a couple of days...first time...a little freaky...i really dont know what im going to do about flying 8 hours without a cigarette...pretty sure im gonna cover my body in nicotine patches and pray for the best...once we get there it will be no problem...we're opening up for the all american rejects...we only play something like 25 minutes a nite...that leaves me with 23hrs and 35 minutes a day to find me an english wife...sad i know...

once we get home we have a few weeks to kinda relax...we might make another video...im sure we will be playing a few secret shows...ive already written around 5 songs...i wanna get with sam and figure out a lot of those...its a little different from the dog problems stuff...so youd better not get too comfortable with our "sound"...

so im gonna git going...i gotta go find some of that nicotine gum.

thanks a lot guys...look out for "and now i hope youre alright: the format live in los angeles"...we will keep you posted.

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