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i cant remember what is wrong..i been happy now for way too long..and oh...we got a lot more to go.. [04 Sep 2006|06:00pm]

ahhh we're finally home and i thought i would say thank you so much to all of you for coming out to the shows...thanks to all the wonderful bands and all the wonderful people we met in the last 2 months...and thanks for supporting us and our new record...it felt great hearing people sing along to the new songs...you guys are the best.

so we have two weeks off before we head over to england...im pretty sure sam and sean are the only ones hangin around az for the time being...markos leaving my house tomorrow morning to fly back to his island in washington...don is back in nyc...mike is getting ready to head to canada for awhile...and i think i need to go back to la to do a little bit of recording...after that ill find someplace else to go for a few days...its hard coming back from something like touring and settling down...so i just prefer to stay out in one form or another...but first ill take the next few days and enjoy what i have here.

marko just imed me from the living room...he wants to watch benchwarmers...im gonna go out there and ignore that napolean dynamite dude in the movie.

thanks again guys...you really are the best.

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