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thats my life...nothing is sacred...i dont keep friends, i keep acquainted...i dont fall in love.... [10 Jul 2006|10:17am]

just got back from a day in california doing stuff for our first video (the compromizzle)...thus far it looks pretty amazing...im not going to tell you what its about or whats going on...but i will say that the directors (www.nylonmotion.com)and everyone involved is amazing...for 6 dudes that never agree on anything to actually agree that it looks amazing really says something...

speaking of us six...5 of us have been rehearsing for the last month (the other will appear later...but for now hes adjusting to the married life)...rehearsals have gone great and i think we're all just ready to get out...unfortunately we wont be back till christmas...but its worth it...my dog might not like it.

so ive already typed up my whole dog problems schpiel...but...its release week...i think we're really nervous/excited for it...i know a lot of you have downloaded it online..but i have 10,000 records stacked in my bathroom and i think the packaging looks so rad that i want to take it into the shower w me...you should do the same.

and if you live in phoenix you should come to zia on 40th street and t-bird tonite at 1130 for our little cd release party..we'll be there...its a "special occasion" so i think ill be a little more hyper..but we'll see how it unfolds...oh we will also be on the edge some time today....its release week...we're gonna be everywhere...you'll see...ill be in your front yard with a bagel if i have to.

its taken forever and finally its here....dog problems....enjoy it.

see you soon...in fact...look outside your window...got any cream cheese?


p.s. thanks to all the nice bands that have said great things about dog problems via the internet and other stuff...that means a lot
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