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The Format in Arizona! In-store Info, Shows and...have we lost our Edge? [30 Jun 2006|09:45am]
Helloooooooooooo Arizona Format Party People (too much caffeine. sorry).

First up, KEDJ "The Edge 103.9" in Phoenix hasn't told us if they are going to play any music from the new album. Even better, they aren't returning our calls or emails. B-O-G-U-S. If you would like to hear "The Compromise" or anything from Dog Problems on 103.9, you can ask the powers that be via email http://www.theedge1039.com/contacts2005.php. Or you can ring the request line 602-260-1039. Or let them know if you'd rather just spend time on the internet, where the songs are available any time that you would like to hear them (ouch).

Phoenix: Hopefully you have all heard about the Zia signing at Midnight on Monday July 10th, which is of course the second that the new record becomes available. It's at the 3851 East Thunderbird Location. There are still some tickets left for the show at the Celebrity but they're going fast, now that we're in the home stretch!

Tucson: You can hear Nate+Sam live on 91.3 KXCI. When? Tuesdsay, July 11th sometime in the afternoon. This will be followed by an instore at Zia (3370 E Speedway). Check with Zia for a definite time but we're hearing that it'll be around 5pm.

*The Living Room (currently fueled by Red Bull and coffee)
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