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I say why on earth do you revolve around me...Aren't you aware of the gravity... [27 Dec 2005|08:59pm]
hello all and happy holidays,

hope everyone is having a good time on their time off (although the holiday season is known to be the most depressing)...

the last couple weeks have been very very nice for sam and i...xmas was a success...to some...i however, am not a religious dude so im trying to start my own christmas...i spent the last 2 weeks trying to convince everyone around me that the way to go was "nu-christmas"...nu-christmas, unlike nu-metal, is a brilliant idea...instead of giving to everyone else you should only give to yourself...treat yourself to whatever you want and then you dont have to worry about getting people things they dont want...i know its the thought that counts...thats why instead of splurging on a gift for a loved one you should put all that money towards charity (and yourself)...i wasnt able to celebrate nu-christmas yet...too many people already got me gifts...so i had to be nice and get those people gifts in return (well...actually...my mom got them gifts...i just told her what they might like)...but...now everyone knows that i celebrate nu-christmas...and so next year no one should get me anything...except for me...i should get me something...think about it...id be more happy seeing someone purchase something for themselves...which i did this year...i got "40 year old virgin" and the second season of scrubs....however people like my sister tried to ruin it by getting me a bitchin' cuisinart grill thing...and sam...he got me some dvds...and my roomate got me an xbox 360...well...he pretty much got himself an xbox 360 (im guessing that once we decide to have real lives and meaningful relationships that force us to not live together he is going to be the one walking out the door with that xbox)...but his gift to me was actually the best gift of all....he celebrated "nu-christmas"...in fashion might i add.

moving on...i didnt read that giant post that sam wrote...something about us not being with atlantic anymore (95% of me is sooo psyched...the other 4% is bummed about not being able to work with some of the people at the label that we became REAL friends with...and 1% is always thinking about a cigarette...always)...im hoping there was maybe something else in that post a lot more important then who gets to put their imprint on the back of our cds (that we dont even get to go all out on the artwork for)...that uberimportant something is that as you read this sam and i (with the help of some of our fellow fauxmaters) are living somewhere in silverlake...and uh...MAKING A NEW RECORD...THE NEW RECORD...DOG PROBLEMS!!!!...thats right...dog problems is in its early stages right now...and id like to point out that i absolutely love what we have recorded thus far...thats not being cocky either...thats actually me being very very proud of our baby...its safe to say that this time we are working with the most wonderful of people...our producer (steve mcdonald (redd kross, be your own pet) is not only making sam and i work really really hard, hes also making sure we are having a great time...hopefully its a mutual feeling...our engineer ken sluiter (ok go) is full of great stories...and even better sounds...we have a guy named roger manning jr. doing the orchestral arrangements...im really excited about that one...he happened to have played keyboards and sing in jellyfish, which is one of my favorite bands..oh and thus far we've gotten a little help from dr. john o'reilly (reubens accomplice) on drums, mrs. anna woronker mcdonald (that dog) on vocals, and sir josh klinghofer on guitar...i really couldnt be happier and more proud of what we are doing.

after dog problems is finally done we are going on tour with motion city soundtrack...i hope you have the opportunity to see some of the shows on the tour...its a great lineup and we're already hyping it up to be one of the funnest tours weve done yet.

in the meantime sam and i are home for a few days spending time with our families and friends...and working out some of the new music.

with all of that being said...please have a safe new years.


p.s. join "the living room" on the format.com...if you do that youll get special goodies
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