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[28 Nov 2005|10:58pm]
i didn't mention in the last post how sick nate and i were when we went out to CA for pre-production. we tried everything to get better... vitamins, medicine, soup, we even turned the heat on in the car full blast for 2 hours trying to sweat it out... which seemed like a good idea at the time, but looking back it probably wasn't the best thing for us. so anyway... over the next few days, as i was getting better, nate's body decided to do the exact opposite... he started feeling worse and ended up getting these giant white things in his throat. we're all better now and excited to be back in CA making up the few days of "pre-pro" we’ve missed, and will be soon tracking all the new songs we've been waiting so long to do. so it's time to let the cat out of the bag about why we have been waiting so long to make this record. for those of you who don't know, we were placed in the hands of atlantic records when elektra was put to sleep. after a few months of being admittedly stand-offish and weirded out by the situation, we decided to let our guard down and soon came to realize that there were actually some really great people working there... which seems rare to find in the music business these days. as the year went by and we turned in songs for the new album, we started to get the sense that some people at the label (who unfortunately we didn't get a chance to know very well) were not exactly feeling the songs we were working on. i've noticed - and i'm sure you have too - that sometimes record labels like bands to stay with one particular formula. that's cool for some people. but we didn't think it would be fun or fair to you guys if we came out with interventions and lullabies II. we got the feeling that's what they wanted from us. we wrote about five more songs and we were really excited about them but when the day came for approval to begin recording, something completely unexpected happened: we were dropped. it was a big moment because it came down to us making the record that we wanted to make or taking more time to write an album that was more for the atlantic's vision of the band. we seized this moment and became officially released from the label on the day before thanksgiving. in a lot of cases this could be a scary situation but we think it's the exact opposite. we're still going to go into the same studio, with the same producer, during the same time period, to complete an album we now know for sure we want to make. suddenly the world is filled with opportunities again for us to be the band that we want to be. so, to those past and present employees of atlantic records who were good to us, we'd like to thank you for caring about our music and making us feel comfortable in what could have been a very uncomfortable environment. even though some labels have already approached us, right now we're focusing more on making the record than figuring out how it will be released. it's our definite goal to have the album out this spring... and now you know the rest of the story - sam
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