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[03 Nov 2005|08:56am]
what you format fans (in arizona) need to do:

1) listen to the edge 103.9 today at 2pm for nate and sam (and i think jim adkins) live on the air.

2) go see them at the taste of music show at mesa amp. this saturday, november 5th. they play around 8
or so. its acoustic (with special guest jim adkins from jimmy eat world).

3) buy a cookbook there...the format submitted a recipe (as did the other artists performing).

4) and then go home and make the recipe.


5) go see them in flagstaff on tuesday, november 8th at prochnow auditorium.

6) go see them in tucson on wednesday, november 9th at centennial hall.

7) go back up to phoenix and see them on thurdsay, november 10th at asu.

now when you are at their shows, you should buy their new merch. i hear they are gonna have sweet hoodies and new merch designs.

and then wait patiently for them to record their AMAZING 2nd album and then tour ALL of 2006.

anita means
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