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the weight of this hairstyle is making me lazy...i think im gonna leaaave it up all night [26 Sep 2005|11:37am]

the ball is rolling.

dog problems is coming into fruition (i prefer to say "fruitation")

and we are sitting in our houses or at our poker tables...thinking of nothing but what its going to be like when that day comes that we finally get to bitch at each other in a studio.

get ready.


p.s. vary rarely do i like a band...and even more rarely are they on tour...well fortunately for me...this coming wednesday (the 28th)...the long winters are coming!!!!!!...to me this is better than xmas (being that i worship JR as opposed to JC)...now regularly i wouldnt want to let anyone in on my little secret of a band...and to think that its going to be free at stinkweeds where i will get to dork out really really closesly...now i, myself, being one of the worlds biggest long winters fans (i drove myself crazy once trying to switch a flight so that i may stop in southern california (which i dont like to go there for any reason) to see this band) have even marked this down on the calendar on my phone (it took me monkey pawing it for 2 hours)...so what am i getting to you ask? YOU NEED TO FUCKING SEE THIS BAND!!!! or buy their records.....i love making lists..and lets say that their ep is already the best thing to come out this year (tough competition too....new spoon, clem snide, white stripes, fruit bats, macca)...so anyways...if youre game...and believe me...youll see me there geeeking out (a rare occurance that has only happened twice in 3 years)...im so excited....here is the information...

the long winters
wednesday the 28th
its free...and ive heard there might be free beer for those over 21 (good thing im off the drink...i hate beer)

if for some odd reason you beat me there....please save me a spot right up front...let me get my inner dork on.
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