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wasted unconditional love on somebody who doesnt believe in the stuff...oh well. [31 Mar 2005|02:11pm]

before we leave for tour in a couple of days i wanted to briefly update the reader on what has been/is going down.

has been...

shaved facial hair
written a bunch of songs
gotten married
bought dogs
toured as musicians for other bands
designed a peanuts version of uno
attended a party that david schwimmer was at
played at the sundance film festival
saw michael mcdonald bring down the house
played a show in tempe
played a few more in calibornia
bought more dogs
wrote more songs
grew facial hair
played a show in scottsdale
wrote songs we didnt want to write
recorded in LA with george drakoulias (jayhawks, tom petty, black crowes)
heard stories about gunfights
dropped names
recorded at the poplar house with aaron wendt (seven story mtn. duh!)
picked up don from the airport


driving to illinois
releasing a limited edition tour e.p. known as the "snails e.p."
touring for a few weeks with taking back sunday and jimmy eat world
writing more songs
playing a show at some racetrack?
rewarding those who bought the "snails e.p."
writing songs we dont want to write
writing more songs
writing more songs
writing more songs
writing more songs we dont want to write
releasing a full length
shaving facial hair

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