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theformat.com [16 Dec 2002|05:31am]
the new website is up // http://theformat.com: sam spent a lot of time trying to get it in near mint condition and so finally we have a website with information as to who we are and what we do. speaking of what we do: we have an aocustic show this thursday nite at the bash on ash... please be there if you can... wonderful wednesday, 4banger, and the necronauts are opening up... and on top of that it could very well be our last show for awhile. sam and i are getting ready to go away to record an LP for elektra. lately we've been keeping busy writing songs and playing video games... and we are in the process of meeting producers. its fun... come to our show... in the meantime please enjoy our website. we will have a fully functional online store up with ALL new merch within the next 24 hours-please check back for that. thanks, nathan
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theformat.com [16 Dec 2002|05:59pm]
our online store is up and running. go buy some stuff: http://theformat.com
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