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so let us be married. shouting baby baby BABIES. oh "you never sleep at all" [11 Dec 2002|10:26am]

got back from LA on saturday and i still havent changed my cell phone message. but i figured that instead i will update this thing with absolutely nothing.

the meetings went really well...it was our first time...and we were 30 minutes late for our first meeting...freaking out...and it screwed up our schedule for the rest of the day.

and they are very very weird because you have to spend an hour talking to them...but you'll know whether youre down with them within the first 3 minutes...yet you have to fill up an hour of time talking about nonesense...i found myself reading a script when i was talking to them ("what is your idea of pre production, drum sounds. ZzZzZzZz")...but i think we are almost there....we met some great people.

sam bought a 1964 gibson dove...therefore the guitars will never be out of tune again...we finally bought a proper acoustic....and its mo'hot.

speaking of out of tune...we have an acoustic holiday show on december 19th...at the bash on ash.

please go.

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