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blame it all on my roots, i showed up in boots and ruined your black tie affair... [03 Dec 2002|10:03am]
its been quite awhile since we've taken the time and posted in this thing...so i think its about that time to fill anyone who is interested in on what is happening with the format.

1. the ink is dry. we are now on elektra.
2. we are sold-out of EP's as of right now.
3. EP is being repressed as i type this.
4. im putting on mass amounts of winter weight
5. we are trying to set up an acoustic christmas show sometime in the next few weeks
6. tomorrow morning sam and i leave for LA for the rest of the week, we get to go meet with producers and try to figure out who is going to produce our album...it should be interesting and even better then that is the thought of free food. i think our overall plan is to get a free room, buy new equipment (a guitar that stays in tune), eat free food, and then meet producers in the process. im excited cause its been awhile since ive gotten out of the greater phoenix area.

anyways, i think sam has a new website ready to be launched or something...i try to just let him do all the work and then sometimes ill criticize him. thats my extent of work. so its off to gain more weight.

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