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[23 Sep 2002|02:03am]
oh, hi. sorry we haven't updated this thing in such a long time. the lack of updates can be attributed to the amount of band stuff we've been dealing with on a day to day basis. very cool things are happening. we're definitely still alive and well. a few things to mention-we are playing tonight, monday september 23rd @ nita's hideaway. opening up are two really great bands: reubens accomplice exists and ember coast. i suggest showing up a little early to check them out. i believe the doors are opening round 7 or 8 and it only costs $6.00 to get in. we haven't had a lot of time to promote this show, so hopefully this last ditch reminder can make it's way in front of a few of you guys and you'll be able to make it down. as far as other shows go... we're playing the edgefest on saturday the 28th, and then at asu sometime in late november. other than that we dont' really have anything scheduled at this time. it would probably be a good idea to book a couple shows in october, so look for an update on that very soon. we're running really low on shirts. we should have new designs by our first show in october. i guess that's all for now. we'll try and update this thing a little more. sorry again for taking so long. see you guys at the show tonight! sam.
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