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sam loves NASA TV [30 Aug 2002|11:06am]

dont really have any news...just figured i was bored so i would type in this thing.

*pauses for 5 minutes*

oh sorry...im out of it man.

uh...we were #7 this week in cd's sold at zia records....not just out of local groups...but out of national acts as well....i thought that was pretty cool...so purchase your cd's at zia...cause i want to beat out "the boss" (bless his soul)


*pauses for 5 minutes*

oh yeah...sam loves NASA TV....i dont know what station it is...but every night when the orgy going on at sams apartment ends he turns it to that station...

i am the first to wake up in the morning...so i get to watch it while im on the computer....

one time they talked about robots and AI for 2 hours.

another time they just showed lance bass working on becoming an astronaut.

its boring...but its low budget...so its fun.

*pauses for 5 minutes*

i gotta go........

the 6 of us (me,sam,jason,marko,schey,rob) all have some very "crucial" practices next week.

its nerve racking.

wish us luck.


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