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"youre crying...im tired....i think im going to have you go" *walks to the door* [24 Aug 2002|12:42am]

thank you to everyone who came to inferno last nite...it was a very fun time...and everyone sitting cross legged made it feel like sam and i were entertaining a kindergarden class...it was great to once again have a big turnout, cause i thought there would be maybe 6 people there (me, sam, chet, mike, and our girlfriends)...but for the 3rd straight week i was proven wrong.

no cheesecake fortunately after tonites show, however i did go to "oreganos" and got some pizzuchi....those things are amazing...and i felt stuffed....didnt end up getting sick from the pizzuchi, however i did end up getting my heart stomped on.

but thats another story for another day.

all wussy livejournal problems aside...i just wanted to let everyone know that sam and i are going to be playing some acoustic stuff on monday at "blaze radio"...that is the ASU radiostation.....we are going to go on round 430...play some songs and do an interview....and get out of there roud 500...hope everyone listens.

once again thank you soooo much for coming to inferno...stuff like that puts me in the best possible mood.

its afterwards that sucks so bad.

have a good night anyone...im off to sleep.

-nate the hippie
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