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[22 Aug 2002|12:47am]
i just added 4 new pages of pictures. on our website they are pretty great looking... you should probably check them out. i also added some mini-bios for our live band. we were the #4 most requested song tonight, we're only 3 away from being #1 so please keep calling/emailing: : 602-260-1039 or email here. another reminder. we're playing acoustic at inferno this friday at around 6:00pm. free show. all the information is on also on our shows page. and finally... we are going to be playing a few acoustic songs and doing an interview, monday, august 26th on the blaze 1260AM. if you're within a 1/2 mile radius of asu, go ahead and listen to it. nate thinks i'm too abrupt. sam.
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