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[19 Aug 2002|03:22am]
we played another sold out show on friday... this time around it was at the modified. the stage there is extremely small, and being a six piece live band didn't make it any easier to pull off. but it all worked out. we had a lot of fun and were very pleased to see everyone there again. a couple people have sent us pictures from the show and i know we have some more coming, so as soon as i can gather all of them together, i'll put them up. our next show is friday, the 23rd @ inferno clothes. all the info on that show can be found here. its a free show.. you can't beat it. we're still showing up on that edge top 10 most requested list every once in a while, so again, if you have some spare time, please call in and request "the first single" | 602-260-1039 or email here. thanks to jet black summer, tickertapeparade, the modified and all you guys for friday night. hopefully we can do it again sometime. i'm out. sam.
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