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show tonite..... [16 Aug 2002|07:39am]

what the fuck am i doing up at 740 in the morning....

i have no clue...honestly...i just woke up and i couldnt fall back asleep.

sam is sick so he actually went to sleep around 2...and that is super early for him.

thats about the time i usually go to sleep too...but now all of a sudden i find myself awake and showered at 740 in the morning.

weird...super super weird.

anways with all that aside...we have a SHOW TONITE AT MODIFIED.

we're playing with jetblacksummer and (forest wi)tickertapeparade and we're headlining so we should go on sometime round 1030...but make sure you get there early.

on a side note...

dont ever wake up this early...honestly...its the worst...

even those of you that work...dont wake up this early...

go late everyday.

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