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[14 Aug 2002|04:00am]
i've just added two new pages of pictures on our website.. the first being some great photos of our acoustic show @ modified last month, and the other from our cd release show the other night. thanks to stevo and gaby-they look great. our ep is FINALLY in all of the zia locations.. so if you don't have one already, go get it. you can still get them online, at stinkweeds, eastside and inferno. so i guess "the first single" was #7 on the edge's top 10 most requested songs of the day. we thought that was pretty neat. especially since we beat out XboxcarXracerX, new found clever and my personal favorite disturbed. so if you're bored, pick up your phone and request the song some more so we can knock some of those other bands out of their slot: 602-260-1039 or email here. i've been trying to put some video clips up on our website from the ep release show, but i can't get them to work right.. hopefully i'll have it figured out in the next couple days. don't forget we're playing on friday the 16th @ modified with tickertapeparade and jet black summer. its only $5. i'm going to bed. sam.
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