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.......... [03 Aug 2002|12:49am]

thanks everyone for calling the edge and whatnot.

the song is getting played a moderate amount and hopefully that will help get people to our cd release show on aug 9th (nita's hideaway).

speaking of that...we have been practicing a lot for the live show and i really think it is almost there. here is the current format live lineup....

mike schey- lead guitar
rob 17foureyes- drums
sam- acoustic and electric and some piano
jason rubino- bass and shakers
nate- vocals and shakers
marko- extra guitar and keyboard

its a blast and i love the people who are playing with us right now...everyone gets all the stuff fairly quick and im suprised at how well "at the wake" is turning out as a live song...gotta give it up to shakemaster jason...he really knows how to work those $3 shakers.

anyways...the cd will be in stores on tuesday...but if you want to buy it advanced and get extra stuff then you need to come buy it at www.theformat.com

sam and i sent out merch to those who already pre ordered it...the total shipping bill came close to $100....and me, marko, and sam (MAINLY SAM) spent a few hours getting all of the packages ready.

anyways...see yall on friday nite.

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