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hov is back...life story told thru rap. [19 Jul 2002|11:07am]
hello...who woulda thought? anyways.

the cd release is approaching...sam and i wait at his apartment in anticipation for the cd...which is available for pre-order on our website...www.theformat.com....if you want to buy it and you decide that you arent hip to online ordering...then you can buy it at any zia's or you can purchase it at "inferno clothing"...."whats that?" you ask?...well "inferno" is a new clothing store...and i suggest that anyone goes to inferno just to check out the store in general...not just for formatcd's and formatgear...the store is located behind mae west on the southeast corner of university and mclintock.

well i dont think there is anymore news...other then the fact that me and tom are having halofest this weekend at his house...we are big video game dorks.

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