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[16 Jul 2002|05:18pm]
hi. not much going on here. everything is still on track for the release of our ep. the necronauts have confirmed for the cd release show (8/9 @ nita's) and we are still waiting to hear back from bob's band, the go reflex. so bob. if you're reading this, call me back! a lot of people have been pre-ordering our ep and i suggest you do the same-remember that you get a color 11x17 poster, button, sticker and the cd for just $5.00! so get it now because after august 6th it's $7 and you don't get any of the fun stuff! yeah, well thats all. go to our shows. buy our stuff. oh yeah, one more thing. if anyone needs a website, posters or anything else designed, go here. i'm out. sam.
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